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Catherine Hill Bay Roadtrip

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A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Betty (our beloved converted camper) on another little adventure not too far south to Catherine Hill Bay, about an hour from home.
We had visited when we were younger but couldn't remember it, so arriving was like seeing the place with new eyes.
Named after the schooner Catherine Hill that ran aground back in 1867, this coastal town is the perfect getaway for a surfing weekend with mates or just a day trip by yourself!





We visited midweek and had what felt like the ENTIRE town to ourselves! 

It almost felt a little eerie at times as we didn't see any kids, pets or lights in houses after dark, but we like to think of it as just a sleepy town with 'The Lost Boys' kind of vibes..



On another visit to this Jetty we managed to catch some local young men climbing up (YES directly up the steel leg structure), and backflipping off so of course we had to snag a shot of that.. P.S Check out the video above!




We made a commitment to wake up for sunrise everyday on this trip to prepare us for life on the road and wanting to completely reverse our body clocks - wish us luck we're going to need it!

The first morning looked like this....



I know what you're thinking - What a CRACKER! Yes well we thought the same -  although our original plan was to make it under the jetty for the shoot, we didn't read the tides and we couldn't make it across. 

Didn't matter at all really we quite liked this angle, and once again it was just us and a single fisherman out, we loved it!





Having a home on wheels is the best decision we have made so far in 2018, having gorgeous views that change everyday - you can't beat it!  



On our second morning we decided to send the drone up for some aerial views of the bay and boy she didn't disappoint.



We stopped by this little wharf for a lakeside dinner and watched the sunset, it was so relaxing!



We were recommended a place called 'Ghosties Beach' by a friend and with hardly any research we set out to find it!

Turns out only a 10 minute drive from Catherine Hill Jetty there is a new housing development built to the edge of the track so we could drive and park before exploring this new area. 

We took our time and walked the Moonee Beach Trail all the way down to Flat Rocks Point where we saw a few fishermen braving it on the edge, then further walked to the end of Ghosties beach where there are magnificent caves lining the coast. 

Once again we forgot to check tide times and we needed to wait an hour for it to be just below our knees to enter the caves...luckily we found this miniature cave up the beach which provided perfect sun shelter and we were thoroughly entertained by the hundreds of little white crabs popping their curious eyes above holes in the sand.






It was SO awesome exploring these caves, we highly recommend checking tide times so you can get the most out of your visit and go deeper into the caves, unfortunately we had to slowly head back and couldn't go much further with the water level and quickly increasing hangry symptoms. 

We started back home and decided to pop into Caves Beach, a similar thing to Ghosties Beach but the tide was lower when we visited so we could explore further in and the caves were also a lot wider and not as claustrophobic. 







If you're looking for a quick relaxing getaway with a touch of adventure then Catherine Hill and surrounds will do the trick!


Let us know what you think in the comments below, would you visit here or have you been before?


Until next time,


The MOOSKi Twins



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