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We'd always heard of a place called Seal Rocks since we were little, but never had the pleasure of visiting, until our friend Adam mentioned to us he was going for a quick getaway! Since we had recently fitted the bed in 'Betty the Van', we thought it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with Adam and to take Betty on her first official adventure!


The journey was quick, approximately 1.5 hrs north of Medowie. It was such a great feeling to be on the road heading to a new destination, we were stocked with all the essentials for a good roadtrip. We listened to Neil Young on repeat whilst finishing packets of salt and vinegar chips and pretzels and soaked in the gorgeous ever-changing views of the Lakes Way. 



Arriving around 2pm we started off with a picnic on a little hill overlooking the bay of Seal Rocks, followed by some wave fun down on the beach and a long overdue catchup. We found ourselves very surprised at how quiet the beaches were in comparison to home as it was school holidays and we felt we had the place to ourselves, it was awesome!


Next stop was Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, a lovely little historic lighthouse with incredible coastal views and only a 15 minute walk to the top!



After our short visit to the lighthouse, we went for a skate around the town before heading 20 mins to Treachery Camp Ground for the night. There was a thunderstorm brewing that night and the spectacular flashes of lightning would light up the sky as if it were daytime. We went on to cook our sausages and salad, thinking the storm would hold off for a few hours, only to be cackling uncontrollably, soaking wet and rushing to salvage as much as we could from our neat little camp setup, only having just joked about how much time we thought we'd have to pack down...



It all makes the experience that's for sure! We ended up huddled in dry Betty, listening to some tunes whilst trying to hold down one of the worst wines we'd packed, but laughed and reflected on our day whilst it bucketed down outside. 




We packed up camp and headed to our favourite little hill to watch the sunrise over the bay. It truly is the best time of day, witnessing the first bit of light filter through the trees and reflect on the water, and to feel the fresh morning air change to warm your face. We decided on pancakes and fruit for breakfast that morning, followed by a few lazy hours at the beach.


Later that day we opted for a little adventure around the rock formation extending the edge of the bay. We spotted soo many playful dolphins that were really close, they just kept hanging around! 




Betty's first official adventure was a success, we can't wait to take her around Australia!



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