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Exploring China and Japan

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Flying in to Beijing, we visited Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Shanghai before our Royal Caribbean Cruise on Quantum of the Seas to Kobi and Nagoya in Japan.

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Climbing The Great Wall of China was a huge bucket list experience for us! The steps all the way up were very steep but the view from the top overlooking the mountain ranges was unforgettable!


Walking through the impressive palace complex 'The Forbidden City' in Beijing. The size of this place was absolutely incredible!


A visit to China is incomplete without visiting the beautiful Lingering Gardens in Suzhou.


We took a relaxing cruise on West Lake, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and one of the most popular places to visit in China.

It was a cool moment when the guide pointed out we were drifting past the exact spot on the lake that is pictured on the back of the Chinese 1 Yuan note!


We had the opportunity to visit Shanghai twice on our trip, it was our departure port for our return-trip Japan Cruise.

We really loved the contrast between the old colonial style buildings and the futuristic high rises on opposite sides of the harbour.

We also cruised down the river at night time which was absolutely incredible! Shanghai is so different at night than it is to day, we would have to say we loved the night even more with the buildings lit up in a gorgeous array of vibrant colours. 



Sailing out of Nagoya Port on our Cruise through Japan.


Beautiful gardens and temples in Nagoya, Japan.


On our day trip to Kobi Port, we visited the famous Osaka Castle, one of Japans most popular historical sites dating back to the Samurai era of the 16th Century.


We hope you enjoyed this video and blog of our recent adventure to China and Japan.


Until next time,

The MOOSKi Twins



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